Schnecksville Playground Association

Fall 2024 Baseball SPA Coaches/Volunteer Registration



Thank you for your interest in coaching/volunteering for SPA.   Please use this registration to specify which sport(s) you are interested in coaching/volunteering for.

Schnecksville Playground Association follows state laws, along with any exceptions or additions as required law. All background checks are good for 5 years from the date they were processed.

As part of the PA state law for volunteers, two background checks are required to allow people to volunteer in our organization, as well as the Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Concussion Trainings.

  1. ACT-34: PA Child Abuse Check (Free):
  2. ACT-151: PA Criminal History Check (Free):
  3. Sudden Cardiac Arrest:
  4. Concussions:

Additional details for each background check are available on our Coaches/Volunteer Page.


Thank you for your support of SPA. 



Please direct questions to the respective sport coordinator.